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Before you even think that we’re going to sell you some stones in the name of astrology:- We don’t do that here, And this is exactly what astrology is not about. At R U Ketu, we practice intellectual astrology, our main concerns regarding astrology is not about jumping to conclusions based on your problems but what we do here is to enlighten you to a path where our Shastras Guide us to! What we talk about at R U Ketu is from Vedic Astrology which has scientific evidence, reflected in mathematical calculations. While going further into Vedic astrology, we’ll get two types of remedies: collective and selective. In order to understand what’s meant to be followed and what’s not, R U Ketu came into existence.

About Gitanshu Malhotra

Gitanshu Malhotra is a Vedic Astrologer in Rohini following traditional system as explained in the Vedas. He is an Online Astrologer in Rohini Vastu Astrologer and has an experience of more than 25 years in Vedic Shastras, face reading, palmistry, and scientific Vastu in Rohini. He has been teaching Vedic astrology for the past 18 years. According to him, the most scientific method of prediction is through Vedic astrology which uses NAVAMSA, the chart about our last birth and karmas associated with that birth. Astrological predictions are often not accurate as people do not consider the karmas of precious births. Hence, faith in this science reduces. His vision is to bring this scientific Vedic astrology as written by Seers and masters to our esteemed readers so that they can understand this wonderful science to get the best direction for a wonderful future. Various questions get answered related to our day to day life like health, family, career, education, and financial understandings making it easy through scientific Vedic astrology and how the future can be well planned following simple remedies according to the Vedic way of life.

Why Vedic Astrology?

Nobody has ever escaped the clutches of karma. Vedic astrology is based on karma and how you can improve them to improve life. We, at RU Ketu, will help you understand the direction of your life and the essence of karma’s associated with this birth. The planets have a major significance in our life and they can either guide us to success or confuse us into wrong decisions and failures. At RU ketu we would work on your week planets & help you get benefits from your stronger planets. Each planet has a role defined according to our past life karma’s and this is understood through the vedic Navamsa chart. Vedic astrology helps you in understanding the right path of your life and the karma’s that will take you forword in this birth. It helps to harmonies planetary influences on both body & mind and gives a better analyses of problems, diseases and solutions in dealing with them.

Why R U Ketu?

R U Ketu is a simple and the best Vedic Astrology center which helps you to understand what your stars and planets want. At RU Ketu, we believe that Ketu is the ultimate messenger of God, the Planet which is guiding us to a path of self understanding – what you have achieved, what is yet to be achieved and everything that’s left. At RU Ketu we will not only help you lead a life with above mentioned 3 factors but also manifest all of them in your surroundings. We will help you to change your life to change not just your presence state, but strengthen your planets for your better future.
Do you want to learn Vedic Astrology? We provide the best and content on Vedic Astrology courses in Delhi. With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Gitanshu Malhotra has come up with this precise and to the point Vedic Astrology course in Rohini. You can learn Vedic Astrology in Rohini in just 3 months by top Vedic Astrology expert.

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Scientific Vastu

Understand the science behind building houses, how certain directions can help you and make a considerable difference in your life. Get complete Vastu for your home according to your Birth Chart!
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Birth Chart Rectification

As most of the things which have happened will have a certain impact in your life. But, you do certain things which can help you in changing your future by rectifying your birth chart or Janm Kundli. Get your Janm Kundli rectified now!

Know Your Past Life

Your present life is influenced by your past life deeds. In order to know what karma’s you did in your previous life that you are got this birth ,parents, brother, sister, husband or wife. your close relatives


My life took a new direction after I met Gitanshu sir. His indepth knowledge of astrology and his teaching approach unraveled me from the complexities that surround this science. It would have been impossible to envision the great world of astrology without his guidance A new beginning of #understanding #Learning #accepting #believing


RUKETU has made everything so easy to understand.Sir you are fantastic communicator who has made me become a stronger person by realizing my strengths. I hope we get more of your wisdom through your videos


Your profound knowledge and wisdom have restored my belief in Vedic Astrology. Precise predictions and guidance.